Thank you for choosing Full Circle Confidential’s Comprehensive, Faith-based Leadership Restoration (FLR) Program.

Program Overview

The Full Circle FLR program is a confidential, concierge restoration and recovery mental performance and wholistic wellness resource for pastoral and faith-based leaders, developed by ordained ministers, Derek H. Suite, M.D. and Darcel Dillard Suite, M.S. who have over 25 years’ experience in the delivery of comprehensive services to the faith -based community and confidential services for hurting leaders and their families.

Program Approach

The FLR program utilizes guided self-examination, personal accountability and psycho-spiritual recovery coaching in combination comprehensive bio-psycho-social-spiritual analysis and expert intervention.

The program’s goal is to address underlying root issues that contribute to dysfunction. The FLR program also assists leaders in achieving meaningful and lasting cognitive, emotional, attitudinal, and behavioral changes in their personal and professional lives. Special emphasis is placed on the psychology of responsible leadership.

The FLR program has the unique capacity to provide and/or coordinate formal and confidential psychiatric or psychological treatment, including substance use, sexual misconduct, and post traumatic trauma.

Program Structure

This is a year-long psycho-spiritual recovery and restoration program with a strict commitment to weekly individual (and as required group) meetings that include:

  • weekly assessments & evaluations
  • weekly training and education (based on intake/assessment)
  • weekly coaching & intensive counseling (based on intake/assessment)
  • weekly progress evaluations and monthly progress reports

Each FLR participant is provided with a unique transformational plan based on extensive, evidence-based personality testing and psychometrically derived evaluations.

Each FLR participant is assigned an individual coach who will provide 24/7 availability in addition to formal and informal weekly sessions.

Each FLR participant will have access to a wholistic intervention team of multidisciplinary professional consultants who will provide enhanced guidance and support as needed.

Program Providers

The FLR program’s multidisciplinary wellness team experienced in navigating the unique challenges faced by leaders within the faith community.

The FLR program is made up of certified executive and leadership development specialists, certified wellness coaches, and licensed and board-certified, clinical professionals, including psychiatrists, psychologists, clinical social workers, marital counselors, substance use providers, pastoral counselors, and mental health counselors.

Note: This is a confidential, concierge service. No insurances accepted. Credit card and ACH payments only.