Our Team

Founded in 2005 by Derek H. Suite, M.D., Full Circle Confidential is a culturally competent, spiritually sensitive, mental performance resource made up of board-certified and licensed mental health experts, executive coaches, and wellness professionals with significant expertise and experience in executive and leadership coaching, peak performance psychology, high stress and anxiety management, and cultural diversity. Our Full Circle team is especially good at helping top performers:

Peak under pressure

Manage stress and performance anxieties

Increase grit, confidence & mental toughness

Sustain positive motivation, attitude & energy

Master the use of visualization & mental imagery

Master focus, execution & decision-making skills

Master achieving the appropriate level of arousal

Master emotional reactivity and attitude control

Our Approach

Caring. Compassionate. Competent. Confidential. Although our work primarily involves the use of evidence-based treatments within the fields of neuroscience, psychopharmacology and performance psychology, our team is especially sensitive to the need to incorporate cultural and spiritual sensitivity and recognizes that respect for another’s culture and faith is of the utmost importance.

We use a holistic approach — examining the biological, psychological, social, and on occasion, spiritual dimensions of any situation. We are also qualified to provide medication management. In conjunction with traditional modalities, we offer Mindfulness-Based Interventions (MI), where applicable.

Our team is sensitive to the needs, dignity, and rights of our clients. As our name implies, confidentiality is at the heart of all of our work. We are able to travel and see clients at home or in other privacy settings.

Derek H. Suite, M.D.

Derek H. Suite, M.D., M.S. is a board-certified psychiatrist, with over 17 years of clinical experience. Dr. Suite specializes in culturally-competent, performance psychiatry and has considerable experience working with professional athletes and top entertainers across a broad spectrum of performance-sensitive conditions including, sleep, stress, depression, anxiety, mental blocks, and substance use.

Dr. Suite is also an Assistant Clinical Professor in Psychopharmacology at Teacher’s College, Columbia University and has expertise and experience in treating and prescribing medications for a wide range of mental conditions affecting elite performers. He currently provides expert peak performance consultation to a number of sports and entertainment entities including, the New York Knicks, and the New York Jets.

Derek H. Suite, M.D.
Founder & Executive Chairman


A graduate of Barnard College and Columbia University, Darcel Dillard-Suite, M.S. is a certified life coach, national speaker, and senior organizational development consultant. Darcel is also a state-certified trainer in Motivational Interviewing (MI) and Mental Health First Aid who provides mental health trainings internationally.

A graduate of the Dartmouth’s Tuck Business Institute, Darcel leverages over 17 years’ experience in mental health administration as she oversees and directs the operations of Full Circle Confidential.

Darcel Dillard-Suite, M.S.
President & Chief Operating Officer


A business graduate from the University of Florida with over 15 years of experience in organizational development, strategic planning, and marketing, Jon Dornbush, SVP and Chief of Staff oversees the seamless integration and implementation of Full Circle’s vision.

As a senior member of the Executive Leadership Team, Jon also oversees cross-functional company operations and programs in support of Full Circle’s digital wellness platforms, corporate initiatives, and community partnership.

Jon Dornbush
SVP and Chief of Staff


A graduate of Columbia College, Dartmouth Medical School, and Harvard’s Professional Society Program, Dr. Barrett provides medical oversight, expertise, and leadership to ensure the quality of Full Circle’s integrated health and wellness services. He also oversees the implementation of quality improvement efforts designed to improve clinical performance and maintain compliance.

Dr. Barrett is particularly interested in how culture and ethnicity shape decision making, leadership development, organizational psychology, and peak performance.

Jeff Barrett, M.D.
SVP, Chief Medical Officer


Theodora Kanellopoulos, Ph.D., is a licensed psychologist who specializes in neuropsychological assessments. Through the use of comprehensive neuropsychological evaluations, she diagnoses and treats high-performance individuals with suspected changes in cognitive or behavioral functioning.

Dr. Kanellopoulos’ clinical work includes cognitive assessment of psychiatric disorders, memory impairment and dementia, mild cognitive impairment, stroke and cerebrovascular disease and other conditions affecting cerebral functioning. Dr. Kanellopolus is also an Assistant Professor of Psychology at Weill Cornell, Medical College.

Theodora Kanellopoulos, Ph.D.
Chief Psychologist Consultant


Dr. Don Greif is a senior clinical psychologist with several years’ experience providing assessments and coaching for athletes and their families. He has also published extensively on a wide array of topics within sports psychology, psychoanalysis, and forensic psychology.

After obtaining his doctorate from Yeshiva University, Dr. Greif completed a postdoctoral fellowship in psychoanalytic psychotherapy at Harvard (Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston). Dr. Greif is on the faculty at the William A. White Institute for Psychiatry, Psychoanalysis & Psychiatry.

Don Greif, Ph.D.
Sports Pyschology Consultant


Marshall Bryant, LCSW, is a licensed, clinical social worker, and an experienced addiction and recovery psychotherapist, social work supervisor, and organizational development trainer. Mr. Bryant is a graduate of Columbia University, School of Social Work and a Clinical Field Instructor for Nyack University’s Alliance Graduate School of Counseling.

Mr. Bryant has extensive experience in a wide range of outpatient mental health services, including providing therapy for college and professional athletes. He also specializes in couples’ and family therapy.

Marshall Bryant, LCSW
Director, Social Work & Cultural Competency


Nicholas D.A. Suite, M.D. is a Johns Hopkins educated, Cornell trained, board-certified neurologist who did additional teaching and training at the University of Miami. Dr. Suite’s practice is General Neurology with a special focus on Trauma Rehabilitation, Neurological Pain syndromes, coma, and the broad clinical interface between internal medicine and neurology.

Dr. Suite holds firmly to the revered admonition first propounded by Peabody: “The secret of caring for the patient is in caring for the patient.” Dr. Suite is the founder of Neurology Diagnosis & Applied Solutions (NDAS).

Nicholas Suite, M.D.
Senior Neurological & Pain Management Consultant