Sports and Entertainment

Professional athletes and high stakes performers are expected to be at their very best at all times and must execute under extraordinary levels of pressure and under intense scrutiny from media, family, friends, coaches, franchises, and fans.


Business and Corporate

Top business professionals and corporate executives often function in mission-critical, high stakes, unpredictable environments that can be unforgiving.


Public Service and Government Officials

Public Service
and Government Officials

Individuals who serve in this space work under enormous stress and scrutiny and are caught in politically charged situations. Navigating professional and personal pressures adds to the challenge of serving the community.


Faith and Spiritual Leadership

Faith and spiritual leaders are held to the highest moral and ethical standards with little margin for infraction. Many are idealized, and in some cases “worshipped” which can cloud their discernment and put them at risk for errors in self-perception and judgement. Balancing the demands of ministry and priorities of family life can create emotional and psychological strain, self-neglect, and chronic stress. Connecting to a confidential wholistic resource for more accountability, psychological restoration, emotional and spiritual support is imperative for optimal wellness and sustained success.